Monday, March 1, 2010

The YA-5: The Beginings

For my first post I figured I had some explaining to do. Like why start a team blog, why so many members and how did it all come about. But, I talk all day long and when I'm done talking, I write. So, I hatched the idea (I do that a lot) to SHOW you. Remember, writers are taught to show and not tell. But before I do, I must give credit to my side-kick. The best any shower-not-a-teller could have. Her name is Megan and she put this vlog together from a series of storyboards, a script and music. Below is the story of the beginnings of The YA-5. Enjoy!

PS:it kinda gets cut off on the right due to the small viewing area. Here is the YouTube link!


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