Friday, March 19, 2010

This week's burning question is--What movie did you see last?

Kelly Barnhill

Steph Bowe
Slumdog Millionaire.

I missed it at the cinemas, and just got it on DVD - it's brilliant and I recommend everybody who hasn't already seen it go out and get it NOW. Seriously.

K.A. Holt

Pretty creepy and enjoyable. I wanted to know more about the back story, though. I'd love to read a book about the world and the time in which Moon takes place.

(I don't like saying "in which". Sounds weird. Unless you read that sentence in an vaguely European accent. Then maybe it sounds better.)

Justina Ireland

Zombieland. I know it's a couple years old, but I rarely get to the theaters anymore (helloooo, TBR pile!)

I liked it. I laughed, although I kept expecting the lead actor to turn into Michael Cera.

Georgia McBride

Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief.

Sara McClung
Alice in Wonderland. LOVE LOVE LOVED this movie!

Cristin Terrill

Percy Jackson. I took my nine-year-old sister, and she promptly declared it to be her favourite movie of all time.

We'll be back soon with more burning questions. In the mean time, tell us what you think of the above films or add to this list by telling us: What movie did YOU see last?


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