Thursday, March 11, 2010

I had to take a break there to stomp my feet and yell at my kids and generally freak out

But now I am finished with all of that. And since my vlogging attempt has been THWARTED by EVIL non-recharging batteries and MALEVOLENT memory cards. And since my children insist on screaming BLOODY MURDER for no reason, and also climbing over the edge of the sofa to dump GALLONS of distilled water all over medical equipment (don't ask), I am going to keep this short.


I forgot what I was going to blog about.


I have several observances from this week:
  1. I read GIRL IN THE ARENA this week. Well, I finished it this week. I highly enjoyed it for its scary kind of satire, and I was very surprised to read some of the negative reviews on Goodreads. People don't like dashes to introduce dialogue. Who knew? I actually loved that part of the book. It was really interesting, and combined thought with voice. It was a unique choice on the part of Lise Haines and I enjoyed it very much. Along with the story. I liked the story, too.
  2. I cut 38,000 words from my manuscript. Ouch.
  3. Whenever I type "ouch" I type "ounch" first. What gives, extra N?
  4. Right now, I'm using my kitchen table as a desk. Along with my laptop, this "desk" contains an open copy of THE BOOK THIEF, a Mr. Mom DVD, a packet of freeze-dried eggs and bacon, an Entertainment Weekly magazine, my youngest son's portable suction pump (he has a trach that needs suctioning here and there), Gerber lil' Crunchies Mild Cheddar puffs, enrollment paperwork for my daughter's preschool next fall, a paper towel, Eric Carle's DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND, and several explanation of benefits papers from our health insurance (that neither explain anything, or benefit me)
  5. Did I mention I cut 38,000 words from my manuscript? Ounch.
  6. I now have two bound galleys of my next book BRAINS FOR LUNCH. The launch date has been announced: August 17th 2010!
  7. I need a sugar daddy to buy me a Flip Mino HD
  8. I also need a sugar daddy to cook me dinner and send me away for a weekend at the beach
  9. My oldest son just told my youngest son that "even though nipples have little circles on them, it doesn't mean you should twist them."
  10. My oldest son offers sound advice
OK, the list has helped. I feel much less shouty now. Maybe a little manic, but quietly so.

I think I've just misplaced one of the children. That is always a sign it's time to end a blog post.

Hey! I just realized I can use my computer's camera to make a video instead of my ancient Canon. I think I knew this already.

Now I'm feeling shouty again. STUPID BRAIN.

I can't seem to stop writing this post, even with the misplaced child and the aforementioned stupid brain.

Oh, I just heard him. He's in the living room.

My child. Not my brain.

My brain is a girl.

At least I'm pretty sure.


OK. I'm going to stop typing now.

Stopping now.

No more blogging for the day.


My battery is dying anyw


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