Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Friday

It's been one heck of a pseudo-launch week here at The YA-5 blog. We're psyched to be here and love that you've stopped by to visit. We hope you come back next week to meet the rest of our team and witness our shenanigans (yes, there will be shenanigans). *note to selves: schedule shenanigans*

In case you're wondering what else we were up to (besides partying and celebrating our pseudo -launch), there's a summary of links to what everyone's blogged about this week on their author blogs!

We'll be back Monday. Have a great weekend and we leave you with this parting fortune cookie quote, "You will meet someone interesting today."

Kelly Barnhill

Steph Bowe

Georgia McBride

Sara McClung

Cristin Terrill

Georgia and The YA-5

PS-leave a comment and tell us what you're doing this weekend!


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