Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Says Teens Can't Rule the World?

Okay, so maybe I don't know the answer to that question. But I HAVE heard complaints about YA book characters not acting or sounding "teen" enough. Sometimes I've even read YA novels and have wondered whether or not a teenager would really be able to do what they're written into. Alright, that's happened like once, but still! Never again. Not after last weekend.

The weather was beautiful here in Virginia. My husband and I, along with a group of friends, wanted to take advantage of the sun and went on a tour of several Virginia vineyards. The first one, Chrysalis Vineyards was the most interesting.

Outside, just passed the pavilion, there's a stand of trees surrounding a single grave. The name on the tombstone read Sarah Girtrude Lynn. She was born in 1839 and passed away (from tuberculosis) in 1855. You don't have to do the math, I'll tell you: she died early, at the age of 16. Which is really sad.

But here's what struck me the most: Sarah's parents were the owners, but apparently, from the age of 13 until her death, Sarah ran the property.

That's right. A 13-year-old girl ran an estate of 209 acres. And she's so well remembered for the way she ran it that the Vineyard, over 100 years later, named two of its wines in her honor.

Just something to think about. Teens can accomplish incredible things.

♥ Sara


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