Monday, February 22, 2010

Who are the enigmatic YA-5?

YA that matters, 5 days a week

The YA-5 is a group of writers with a shared vision for change. Change in the way that information about YA books is shared on the web - with you, the people who read & love YA books. We don't want to tell you which books to buy - we'd rather hear what you think.

Talk to us. Tell us what you think, what you know and how you feel about YA. Comment on our blogs, our vlogs, our ramblings. Tweet us, tag us, call us out when we're full of it. We're The YA-5 and we can take it.

But don't look for us on the weekend, 'cause even superheroes need days off.

There are actually seven of us - Kelly Barnhill, Steph Bowe, K. A. Holt, Justina Ireland, Georgia McBride, Sara McClung and Cristin Terrill (hit About to read our kick-ass bios) - YA authors who want to hear what you think and share it with the world!

I'm Steph Bowe, a 16-year-old Aussie and YA author (my debut novel to hit shelves in Australia this September, and in the US next summer). You might know me from my blog about reading, writing and zombies, Hey! Teenager of the Year. I'm the youngest blogger on the YA-5 team, so I'll be contributing a teenaged perspective on YA literature. I read, write, blog and breathe YA - and I do it wearing this awesome author crown:

I know. Awesome, right?

But hey! It's not all about me! Right now I'm rounding up interviews with teenagers who love YA books - on everything from book covers to vampire lit - so if you'd like your opinion heard (by me, at least!), send me an email -

P.S. If you've got suggestions for the blog - stuff you'd like to see, sites we should check out, questions, comments or requests - send them to!

So, tell us about yourself, and what you want to see on The YA-5!


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