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Interview and Scavenger Hunt with Nancy Holder

We're celebrating the relaunch of The YA-5 with Halloween in July week! Together with YALITCHAT we've gathered four spooktakular authors who write about things that go "bump" in the night! Yesterday was Michelle Zink's turn and if you missed the interview and scavenger hunt to win a signed copy of either PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS or GUARDIAN OF THE GATE, click here! We hope you enjoy the interviews and insights with these fabulous writers as well as the scavenger hunt (see details at end of each interview) throughout the week. On Wednesday, Heather Brewer, Claudia Gray and Nancy Holder will be chatting at Midnight Eastern over on twitter during YALITCHAT's Spooktakular celebration! For now, boo! Up next, Nancy Holder!

Nancy Holder is the author of the YA horror series, POSSESSIONS. Her newest book, Evil Within, is the second in the series. The third is named The Screaming Season.

1. You could write about anything in the world but you choose to write about things that go bump in the night, why?

ANSWER: I honestly do not know. Whenever I write something scary, I watch tons of horror movies and write to horror movie soundtracks.
I'm in a constant state of fear for months on end. I have to sleep with the lights on. When I was little, I was terrified to get into my bed. I was sure there was a monster under it, waiting to grab me. I would have to make a running leap into bed. thought there was a skeleton inside my mattress, ready to stab me through the shoulderblades. I had to go down a long hall to use the bathroom, and one night I was so tired of being scared that I whirled around and whispered, "I'm the queen of it!" So maybe somehow I decided that if I write about it, I'll use up some of all that fear. But I really have no idea.

2. A short synopsis of one of your new books scared me! I'm a big softie. What do you say to people who think YA books can't be scary and romantic?

ANSWER: I think they're wrong. Look at Buffy and Angel, and Bella and her guys. The Phantom of the Opera. What is more romantic than a demon lover? What is scarier?

3. Vampires or werewolves?

ANSWER: BOTH!!!! Love 'em both.

4. What are you working on now?

ANSWER: I recently turned in the 3rd Possessions novel, titled THE SCREAMING SEASON. Debbie Viguie and I are hard at work on a new ya dark fantasy series called CRUSADE. It comes out on September 7th and we'll be going on tour for it.

5. What are you afraid of?

ANSWER: Permanent consequences. Loss. Premature burial. The usual.

6. What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

ANSWER: Malificent. I have the most awesome costume that my daughter bought me at Disneyland.

7. Would you rather read a book that was suspenseful or scary?

ANSWER: Both, but I would go for scary. I just finished reading LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and it was both. Very intense book.

8. Ok, admit it, you watched Blair Witch with one eye open, right?

ANSWER: RIGHT! And one hand gripping the forearm of a handsome guy.

9. Have you seen Paranormal Activity? Were you scared to death or did you not even bat an eyelash?

ANSWER: I'm too afraid to see it. Have you seen it?

Emily: Haven't seen it yet. But I LOOOOVE seeing scary movies. When I lived in NYC I would watch them alone in the dark without a second thought. But I tried to watch one by myself recently and all I could think was, "why isn't my boyfriend here to save me from the bad guys?" I clearly am getting more terrifyable with age.
Kari Anne: I haven't see it. The only time I have to watch movies is by myself in the middle of the night. I'm waaay too wimpy to manage PARANORMAL ACTIVITY alone in the dark. One day, though, in a lighted area full of people...I'm in.
Georgia: I did. I was kinda of OK while watching it. I found it a little predictable, maybe even hokey. But then I couldn't sleep and begged my husband to let me sleep with the lights on. How's that for effective film-making?
Justina: No. I prefer to NOT pee my pants. I'm funny like that.

10. Tell us about your next book.

CRUSADE will out next. I'm so happy to be working with Debbie Viguie, my WICKED coauthor. Our story is about the war we lost--the war with the vampires. Our vampire hunters are the Resistance. Jenn Leitner and Antonio de la Cruz are our main characters, but it's really an ensemble story, like WICKED. We have witches, werewolves, and vampires...and possibly the spirit of St. John of the Cross as their guiding force. We love working together. We'll be on tour together in September. We haven't seen each other in a year.

Thanks for stopping by, Nancy!


And now for the first few clues in the Nancy Holder portion of the scavenger hunt.

1. What is the name of Nancy's CRUSADE co-author? (hint: answer is in this interview)
2. What symbol is on the cover of the CRUSADE novel?
3. Where was Nancy born?

Visit Nancy's website for the answers!

Prize: A signed copy of POSSESSIONS or THE EVIL WITHIN (2 winners, one book each).

Purchase a copy of Possessions or The Evil Within

Visit Michelle Zink's interview and scavenger hunt page!


The scavenger hunt lasts all week! You must answer all the questions CORRECTLY to win the prize from THAT author! You may enter more than once to better your chances of winning at least ONE prize. But you may only win ONE prize for the week. Each day a new author interview will be posted along with new questions. You must visit the author's website to learn the answers to the questions posted here then post your answers in the comments section on The YA-5's site in order to win a prize. Contest ends July 23 at midnight Eastern time. Winners will be announced the week of August 2, 2010.


Cholisose said...

1) Debbie Viguie
2) a square cross
3) Los Altos, California

donnas said...

1. What is the name of Nancy's CRUSADE co-author? (hint: answer is in this interview)
-Debbie Viguie, her WICKED coauthor
2. What symbol is on the cover of the CRUSADE novel?
-a cross
3. Where was Nancy born?
-Los Altos, California

Michelle Santiago said...

1. Debbie Viguie
2. square cross
3. Los Altos, CA

chelleyreads AT gmail DOT com

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