Friday, April 23, 2010

Ask A Teen

Q: Which authors are you most interested in meeting and why?

Amy, 7th grader: “Sarah Dessen and Jodi Piccoult. Because Sarah Dessen’s books are really interesting and realistic. Joki Picoult because she can make me cry and not many books can do that.”

Caitlin, 7th grader: “I just finished a book by Sarah Dessen and I’m reading one now. And I think she’d be a great author to talk to.”

Becky, 9th grader: “I really enjoyed My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult and I have questions about it. Like, why did the one sister have to die at the end?”

Monica, 12th grader: “JODI PICOULT!!!” “Her books bring together conflict and different psychological aspects and perspectives, plus incredible characterization. I just finished House Rules today and I’m in a LITERARY COMA!”

Jack, 9th grader: “Neil Gaiman. I’ve never read any other author who can do so many varieties of stories.”

Katie Rose, 9th grader: “Tamora Pierce. One- she is so hilarious and has the best anecdotes ever. Two! I absolutely adore her books and writing style. She overlaps her books and it’s really cool.”

Lawson, 7th grader: “I forgot the author’s name, but the guy who wrote Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse.” “Oh yeah, Jared Diamond. I want to know how he comes up with his theories. His books are amazing.”

Patrick, 7th grader: “Jim Butcher, the author of The Dresden Files series. He’s the bestest author ever! He compacts a lot of action into one book and still has a lot of character development.”

Rachna, 7th grader: “I’d want to meet Rachel Cohn. Her books are kind of different—her characters are unique.”


Do these answers surprise you? They were provided by REAL students in Palatine, IL!

Which authors are YOU most interested in meeting and why? Want to know what's really going on, instead of what "they" want you to think? Just Ask A Teen!



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