Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well, hello there

Is it Thursday again?

I have to keep this short because I think my kids are in the other room playing with plastic bags.

Just kidding. The dog has the bag.

I should videotape this - my attempt at writing at 4 pm.

Ooh! Good idea, Self. I just started.

Now I forgot what I was going to say.

Right. Blogging. Kids with plastic bags. So. I've been working on NaNo, but not very well. I also talked to my agent about some edits I can make to a recent manuscript before it gets sent out on submission. So I almost started working on that. But then I decided I should finish the NaNo project first, since it's almost done. Then I decided that was dumb, I should finish the project that's thisclose to going out to editors. Then I decided to work on both at the same time.

But then my kids started face-planting on the kitchen floor and catching colds and begging for food and doing the things kids do, so I haven't gotten much of anything done. But that's OK. I've made a lot of ice packs, assisted with a lot of nose-blowing and commented on a LOT of Facebook statuses, and that counts for something, right? I mean, if this was NaNoNoseBlow month I would be KILLING IT.

My question for you guys is this: do you ever work on more than one big project at once (nose blowing notwithstanding)? Are you able to keep plots and voices separate? If I could ever find time, I might give this a whirl.

OK, so, here's the video of me trying to write a quick, 5-minute blog post. Enjoy. (Note: the busted lip my son has is from earlier today. He's fine. As is the lip. The zhu zhu pet he tripped on, however, has seen better days. Also note: even when it looks like I'm not typing, I'm using one finger. I promise.)


E. Kristin Anderson said...

You clearly need more kids. Just sayin'.

LM Preston said...

Lol, so cute! Well I do work on multiple projects at a time. As well as work a day job which I love but is hectic and teach part-time...and write about 3 books a year (each require a whole lot of rewrites though)

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