Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, ladies and gentlemen, due to my rather unexpected car accident last weekend, I've found myself at a loss of what to say on this blog (spending two days filling out accident report forms and telling your story eight skillion times will do that to a person). I will attempt to regain my lost brain cells next week. In the meantime, I have two things to give to you people. First off, my beautiful book is now in a rough printed form. See?

Isn't it adorable??? Supposedly, once it comes out in hard cover next summer, it will be made from untreated, dual textured paper with spot glossing on the lettering. I thought it was so pretty I thought I'd die.

The second thing I'm giving you has nothing to do with books or ruminations on Life or dorkdom or any of my normal topics. My kids have been singing They Might Be Giants songs at me a lot lately, but even more so since the accident because they can see that it cheers me up. Is there anything better than watching a six year old marching around the house singing "Robot Parade"? No, ladies and gentlemen. No there is not.

More next week. In the meantime, happy reading and happy marching!


Cholisose said...

That's a cool-looking cover. Definitely unique and eye-catching. I'm curious to know what it's about.

E. Kristin Anderson said...

KELLY! Your book is beautiful. I almost wanted to lick the screen when I saw in the LB catalog online. Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic, but, seriously, it's gorgeous. And I love when they do cool stuff with the interior design, too. AH!

I freaking love TMBG, too. I think I would love your kids almost as much as I love Kari's.

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