Thursday, November 11, 2010


So I'm doing NaNo this year for the first time. Possibly this is the reason why I whiffed on my post last week (sorry!). I would agree that NaNo is crazy-making, but so far not nearly as crazy-making as I thought it would be. I'm having big shovelfuls of fun just writing and writing and writing. I am constantly amazed at what appears on my Scrivener page (telepathic space narwhal, anyone?).

I thought that, for fun and public humiliation, I would post some of my favorite sentences so far this NaNo season. They come from the deep weird recesses of my brain, and they make me laugh.

Here you go...

1. "She stops mid sentence as Ward makes another “HWARF” sound into the Narwalian Fern, which in turn gobbles up the barf with its fly trap-esque leaves."

"He began circling the Bunk-o-matic, like a caged animal, except for the opposite of that."

3. "The old man laughed. “Them FTLs are hernkin’ tricky critters. ‘Bout as tempermental as’n narwhal on a leash.” He chuckled to himself. “Bet they needs a new effulgence meter. Them things’re always goin’ out, poot, iffn’ yeh just breev on ‘em wrong.” [side note, to find this easily, I search my gmail for a chat I had last night with Emily. Search terms "emily poot"]

4. "I really appreciate your kindness,” Ward said, hoping that by being polite he could get the man to open the door. “The problem is that I’m allergic to Ragnarian horse nuts."

5. "...You might not recognize the body, but the prophecy has been completed.” He gestured at Baron, who was chewing gently on the arm rest. “I bring you King Ophacles, returned.”

What about you guys? Anyone else doing NaNo? Any favorite lines? Don't leave me hanging here....


Cholisose said...

Nanowrimo has been interesting so far. I should be able to get 50k, but I'm hoping to get as much of the book done as possible.
Can't think of any lines off the top of my head to share. Maybe I'll do a blog post on that at some point.

E. Kristin Anderson said...

AWESOME. The caged animal line is still my favorite. And "emily poot" made me cackle even louder than when you sent me that line via Google chat. <3

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