Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Showdown..... Or Smackdown?

Well, I've been fussing about this post all day because I realized that my brain is empty - empty, I tell you! Between wading through the proofs of my novel (the last time I get to mess with my words before they head out into the world! I feel like my kid is graduating and I'm panicking that they'll never be able to survive without me) and drafting a new novel in which my main character (a boy named Ned who I love, love, love) is dealing with a rather nasty band of bandits, my brain is now oozing out of the corners of my eyes and pooling onto the floor.

(What, you don't believe me? Fer serious! It totes is!)

Too many thoughts. Not enough brain.

Anyway, I was about to give up on posting all together, when the internets came through for me once again! Just when you thought that there weren't any more awesome on the internet to distract you from the eight million things you need to accomplish on a given day, it shows up at your doorstep with EVEN MORE AWESOME!  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you


Seriously, this is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. To celebrate the upcoming installment of Suzanne Collins's brilliant trilogy, a group of some amazing writers and bloggers decided to see what would happen if some of our favorite characters in YA fantasy duked it out. Kasta vs. Edward Cullen? (oh, please, please, please let it be Kasta!) The Wizard Howl vs. Eona? Katniss Everdeen vs. Tally Youngblood? (I'd put my money on Katniss). I had way too much fun reading through their little literary mash-ups. In fact, it kind of inspired me to write a few of my own.

Anyway, go and place your bets.....I mean votes!


Cholisose said...

Looks like a fun tournament.

I personally would like to see Sabriel win. =]

Georgia McBride said...

Sabriel sor sure.

kellybarnhill said...

Personally, while I want Kasta to beat the pants off that nitwit Edward Cullen, I'm totally in the tank for the wizard Howl. Though, I think Katniss is going to be the last warrior standing.

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