Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mockingjay? SQUEEEEE!!!! MOCKINGJAY!!!!! *spoiler free*

So, I downloaded a copy of Mockingjay at 430AM Tuesday (I have a kindle and start work EARLY) even though I'm expecting my copy of Mockingjay ANY DAY NOW.  Most likely, I will be finished with the book before the hardcover arrives, but I'm one of those people that likes to buy hardcovers for my keeper pile (and this is a definite KEEPER!).

I love Suzanne Collins with all of the breathless giddiness that I loved Santa Claus with as a kid, and so far Mockingjay has been everything I'd hoped it would be. 

Don't have the book yet?  Waiting on a library waitlist?  Well, here is a great link to occupy you while you wait for your copy of awesomeness.  is a fan site, and will warn you of spoilers before you navigate too far.  Still, there are some links to great videos.

If you've finished the book and can't get it out of your head or you don't like surprises and want to know the end (lame), here are some great links about the book that might make you think about things in a different light, or share some reactions.  *****WARNING:  The splashpages may be spoiler free, but digging any deeper may result in major spoilage.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!*****

UPDATE:  Since I've posted this, the Hogwart's Professor Page has turned a bit spoilery, so this is your possible spoiler warning.  The other link is a chapter by chapter reaction guide, and is still safe.  Still, if you want to aooid spoilers it probably best if you avoid the internet. ;)


Theresa Milstein said...

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive, so I'm trying to avoid spoilers. Thanks for the warning!

Teh Awe-Some Sauce said...

Good Luck! It's getting hard today to avoid them. I figure by next week it will be impossible.

E. Kristin Anderson said...

I was going to be all cool and wait a while to buy/read MOCKINGJAY because I have so many books in my TBR pile it is almost panic-attack inducing. THE PRESSURE, THE PRESSURE! (Also, the other night my boyfriend stared warily at a tipsy piles of books on the night stand and was all like uhh.... I think he fears for his life).

But anyway, I couldn't resist. I ordered a copy yesterday because YOU FREAKING JERKS won't stop tweeting about it. And now you're blogging. Justina, you are evil and I hate you. <3

Teh Awe-Some Sauce said...

Trust me, in a couple of days you will not be able to escape hearing what happens. Already I've stumbled across people slipping in spoilers. Read it now so the surprise isn't ruined.

I had a friend who waited to see the Sixth Sense the week after it came out. Movie was totally ruined for him because he knew the twist (okay, that might have been my fault, but you get what I'm saying).

kellybarnhill said...

My copy has not been touched, as it is my reward for mailing in my proofs. Proof-finishing has proved to be sticky, alas. So, once I start, I'm pretty sure I'll know how it ends. *shrugs*. I knew how the last Harry Potter ended too, thanks to the yard-to-yard live-reading from the ten year old kids in my neighborhood (TreShaun, Harry Singh-Roy, Johnson and Bonny, may you be cursed forever!) so it's nothing new.

E. Kristin Anderson said...

Aww Kelly. That kind of thing happens to me a lot, because people assume I've read most of the kidlit cannon. I haven't read HP, and I know everything that happens, so even though I want to read, I'm totally unmotivated now!

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