Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from YA Books

I read. A lot. And like any proper bibliophile I like to think that I learn something from every book I read. So here, in no particular order, are the things I have learned from reading YA.

A single party can change your life. Same with a makeover, a dress, or a dance. Use sparingly.

The mean girl in your school might just be the most sensitive person around. Or not. Either way, try getting to know someone before you judge them.

If you have a ditzy best friend, s/he will inevitably blurt out something embarrassing in front of your crush. If you are the ditzy best friend, you will blurt out something embarrassing in front of his/her crush. Either way, it’s best just to keep ice cream on hand.

Ummm, aren't you kind of old to be in high school?
The moody hot guy who slinks through the hallway might just be a very nice, sensitive werewolf. Or an undercover cop.  Or a serial killer. You’ve been warned.

The prettier a girl, the less chance she knows it. Unless she’s the evil high school cheerleading mega-bitch. Then, her beauty will be completely shallow somehow.

A hot guy will be completely sweet and amazing unless he happens to be a serial killer. Or wants to pressure you into sex.

 The bigger a secret, the more people that will somehow find out about it. It’s much easier to be honest and upfront with people. You know, unless you happen to be a werewolf. In that case, keep your mouth shut.

There are consequences for every action.  Sometimes it's having to sit by yourself at lunch, sometimes it's having a 3000 year old vampire trying to kill you.  Either way, think things through.

So, which ones did I miss?


kellybarnhill said...

One more: Getting rid of glasses makes ugly girls suddenly gorgeous. That, and leather pants. (wait.....that was Grease. Just glasses then.)

coffeelvnmom said...

LOL These are great!

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