Thursday, May 20, 2010

My hair is still in bad shape

I went out tonight to get a haircut, but somehow I ended up at the bookstore instead. (Doesn't that always happen to you, too?) When I walked through the door, I wasn't thinking of anything specific that I wanted, which was weird. But I was also supposed to be telling someone to "take a little off the top" so I was distracted.

When I left the bookstore, I came away with a handful of books that arguably make up a decent part of the modern YA canon. (Books that I, embarrassingly, haven't read yet.)

What did I pick up?

A Great and Terrible Beauty by, Libba Bray
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites by, Heather Brewer
An Abundance of Katherines by, John Green

I also grabbed a copy of Gregory Maguire's What the Dickens and a Percy Jackson companion thing for my oldest son's birthday.

So my hair is still doing the old-lady-on-top-party-in-back horror show, but at least I have some books to read.

Hooray, books!


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