Friday, January 7, 2011

Miranda's Hierarchy of Publishing

I'll admit it. I have a real hard-on for sociology. Forgive me for this dorky post. :)
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
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I definitely have gone through Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in my lifetime. You know, in college I was mostly concerned with finding my next meal, e.g. Ramen and Easy Mac. I got next to no sleep, because I was working ALL the time. And on top of that, all I could think about were boys. (See lowest rung of Maslow's Hierarchy above.)

As I got older, I started moving up the pyramid, and I can definitely say I'm at the "Self-Actualization" stage of my life, meaning, I spend a lot of time contemplating my place in the universe and the evolution of humankind (when will we have biochips in our heads?!) and my carbon footprint and whatnot.

The highest level of the pyramid = You've run a marathon, and now you're going to run another one to beat your previous time. To grow as a runner.

So I was looking at Maslow's Hierarchy and got to thinking about my publishing journey. If I were to apply Maslow's Hierarchy to my publishing life, I'd say I'm still on the middle rung. I have a fancy book deal and I love my agent and editor, and I have lots of fabulous authorly friends. Yay for life!
Miranda's Hierarchy of Publishing
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I'm hoping to move up to the fourth rung. So now of course I'm thinking, "HOLY SHIT what if Kirkus reads and hates my book? What will I do?!?"

I'll write harder. Keep moving up the rungs of the hierarchy.

You know the best part about the publishing journey? Even if I by some one in a million chance I were to get on Oprah or win the NBA, my writing can always grow. I will always have the opportunity to become a better writer.

Pretty cool, eh?

Where are you at on Miranda's Hierarchy of Publishing?


alyslinn said...

I'm on 'safety' for the writing pyramid at the moment. Hoping to move to 'love/belonging' this year :)

Interesting way of looking at things!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Well, I believe I fall somewhere in the reddish orange zone. And I'm okay with that, I have a fear of heights.

But how will we know we've reached the pinnacle since Oprah is quitting the show thing? I guess she could give you your own series on her network.

Miranda Kenneally said...

Well, when Oprah quits, I guess the standard will have to be what has the most ginormous displays at Target and Wal-Mart...?

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