Friday, September 10, 2010

So, maybe there won't be a garden gnome attack...

But... That's not the point. You see, I run a non-profit literary membership organization whose members are comprised mostly of pre-published writers. We rely heavily on information from reliable sources and industry professionals who keep us up to date on the latest trends in the business, guidelines, agents and editors, etc. Without this information, the books we passionately write would likely sit in drawers much longer than we can reasonably stomach.

And while we may not get an opportunity to thank these professionals in person or with hand-written notes, we sometimes get an opportunity to show our appreciation for the value they provide us.

I've come across such an opportunity this week and I hope you will take it. Chuck Sambuchino, is an editor for Writers Digest books and two annual resource books: Guide to Literary Agents and Screenwriter's and Playwright's Market. He also assists in editing Writer's Market. He recently helmed the third edition of Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript. Yes, Chuck is VERY busy. You may be most familiar with his blog, Guide to Literary Agents where he has been gracious enough to feature a few of my writing contests in the past.

What you may not know, is Chuck is also an author. His book, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack was released this week from Ten Speed Press/Random House. I encourage anyone and everyone who has benefited from Chuck's awesome blog, books and advice to BUY THIS BOOK! Order it online or pick up a copy at your local bookstore. Why? Because you CAN say thanks to someone who has had an impact on your personal writing/publishing journey. Not to mention the fact that the book looks like roaring fun.

And who knows? It may come in handy in case those little buggers ever do decide to attack. It could happen.



celi.a said...

Love garden gnomes! Not in the way that I'd ever have one in my garden, you understand, but in the way that they fascinate me. Will have to check out this book.

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