Friday, September 24, 2010

A personal message and a fat vampire

There's so much going on I barely know where to start. J. Lo and Steven Tyler joining Idol (really?). Hang on, let's just chew on that for a minute, Dog.

My son turned three yesterday and my daughter will turn seven next Thursday.

I have at least four more gray hairs since the last time I counted and a horrible cough going on four weeks now. Notice a pattern?

We have a disgruntled contest winner from our Halloween in July contest who has not yet received her book. I totally understand this frustration. However, we cannot control when the author or publisher sends the book out nor is it nice to "gently remind" them more than a few times. Authors are very busy. They write and travel a lot. They also have a lot of contests to support. So, waiting 6-8 weeks (sometimes longer) to receive a contest prize is not unheard of. Just thought I'd put that out there in case anyone was interested.

Husband started a new job with the local police after twenty years with NYPD. In his new job, he had to be tasered and pepper sprayed. Heh heh. I volunteered to do both but the Chief of Police wouldn't let me. Darn it.

Three year-old is totally potty trained. No more diapers or pull-ups. So what's the problem? His new trick is he calls me every night to, "fix his blanket." Without fail sometime between 3-4AM I get the screaming call from my son's room.

Do you really care about any of this? I'm just babbling at this point. I tend to do that when I have something difficult to say.

That difficult thing is this is my last post for The YA-5. I am completely over committed right now with writing, YALITCHAT.ORG, the chat on Wednesday nights and all the other stuff I have going on. Kari Ann, Justina, Kelly and Emily are awesome so stick around. They may even replace me (as if that's possible).

OK, I feel bad. Gonna give away a book. Will that make you feel better?

HARPER TEEN has given me a copy of FAT VAMPIRE by Adam Rex! I'll choose a winner at random from those who comment below with a going away note to me that makes me laugh. Embrace your inner comedian! Make me laugh by this time NEXT Friday.

It's been a blast, people.



Verbenabeth said...

Well. I have just arrived to find that the hostess is outahere! (Trying not to take that quick exit personally.) Due to you and the others on YALitChat, I am deep into my first foray in the young adult area. Finding that my voice is stronger there than previous children's stories, so thank you for your inspiration! Congrats to your hub on new job. Do you think they'd let an outsider come and taser those needing it? Pressures mount, and tasering unsuspecting passersby seems to be frowned on here in Never Never Land. I will need to find an outlet that does not include electrical currents apparently.

Best of luck in your other ventures!

Peter Jenks said...

Well Georgia, there is so much happening in you life atm. If I were you you, I'd be mortified that I hadn't been invited to be a guest on Idol or Oprah yet - maybe if you can dance there is still a chance with Ellen.

Just to make you feel better, the 3-4am wakeup slot doesn't go away when thet get bigger, it just gets replaced. Currently we have a new puppy that likes to wake up for toilet at that time, othertimes there are teenagers in my house that are still up with their music. Sounds crazy, but trust me, it's all good. Who needs sleeps, I'd rather have teenagers and puppies!

I'm sorry to hear that you missed out on your chance with a taser. However if you look aound, I'm sure you can buy one on the internet or e-bay. Then you'll have something yto keep yourself amused with at 3am - hey, if you're not asleep, why should he be ... At that time of the morning you have three choices: buy a puppy, buy a taser, or make more babies. Maybe those last two could go together ...

So that was my attempt to make you laugh. I'm a writer but also have a fulltime job, so I can understand about getting overloaded and needing to make critical decisions like this one. Remember to focus on the main things (puppies, tasers and babies) and you'll get though the too-busy patch.

That said, I'm an avid vampire reader and would love a copy of the Fat Vampire. You can contact me via twitter on @Pete_da_boarder or follow my blog at



Lisa_Gibson said...
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Lisa_Gibson said...

You do have lots going on. Thanks for taking the time to giveaway a book. That's awesome!
You're potty training story reminds me of when my son was still in diapers. I was sure I was going to send him to college with a pack of Huggies in tow.
It's not a very long period in life, when they're in diapers, but man it can sure feel like it's forever. I got him potty trained by putting some jelly beans in a little tin that sat on the back of my toilet.
If he successfully went to the bathroom, I would ask him to see if the potty left him a prize. If he didn't go, he didn't get to check. Heaven help me if I forgot to put the jelly beans in there ahead of time. I usually always remembered. :) He was trained pretty quick and then the prizes just started being fewer and fewer. He's 13 now, and I've almost done away with the jelly beans. Just kidding! Gosh he would kill me if he knew I said that. :) Hang in there, before long it will all be a hazy memory.
Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

Dawn Embers said...

We'll miss you. Good luck with the family, writing and everything else.

Georgia McBride said...

Peter! I spit my coffee out when I read your post! Thanks to everyone for posting but I gotta give it to Peter. Please email me your info at georgia at and remind me what book you won (short memory). Cheers to everyone and thanks so much for your support. Please stick around because these ladies will only get better when I'm gone.


AmyC ~ said...

My husband told our 7y/o that he 'wasnt a bottomless pit' our 7y/o replied 'Im not a bottle of spit - you are'.

Haania said...

hello :)

Chrystal said...

Good luck with everything that is going on in your life. You sound like you are overwhelmed. Life has that affect sometimes. :)

Great giveaway!

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