Thursday, June 2, 2011

I just want to say hello

I'm still here!

I have not forgotten you guys!

I remember what blogs are!

They are for writing down thoughts and interacting with other people!

These are things I forget to do on a regular basis!

So today I will forget that I forget how to write things down and interact with people and I will talk to you about things that are whirling around in my brain - talk to you in written form!

1. I'm reading Greg van Eekhout's THE BOY AT THE END OF THE WORLD to my kids in the evenings, and it is a fantastic, exciting, action-packed middle grade novel. Also, I really, really, love speaking in a robot voice when I read. This book has my 9yo son completely entranced. And me, too. (Not just because of the robot voice.)

2. Lenny Kravitz! What?! (I kind of love it. Can't wait to see how it plays out.)

3. Previously mentioned 9yo son won't stop narrating his Spore gameplay right now and I am about to GO CRAZY.

4. I bought a Kindle (or Kangle, as the 2.5yo calls it), much to my own chagrin, and now I can't figure out what to read on it other than the newspaper and the first chapters of pretty much every book ever. When I find a book I really like, I can't stand the idea of downloading it, because I want to go to the store and buy it and smell it and ruin it in my bathtub by accident.

4a. Help me learn to love my Kangle.

4b. What books can I buy to read on the beach with my Kangle? Will I always be sad I'm not buying them in the store? My book spending is going to skyrocket because I'm going to start buying all my books TWICE. (#Iamdoingitwrong)

5. The Spore narration has ceased, but now the almost 5yo is pretending to be a baby. Very loudly.

6. When you have a book out on sub and you want to just sit and check your email every five seconds waiting on word from your agent, what's your favorite thing to do to distract yourself? Write something new? Read trashy things? Play Spore? Insult your Kangle?

7. I dislike it when I read a book that is purportedly from a young man's point of view and he says things like, "I stepped beside the bougainvillea and picked up the teak bracelet that was half buried in dirt." Do I not give boys enough credit, by thinking they don't know what specific plants and wood types are? Am I boy-ist? Or is this a ridonk thing that also drives you crazy?

8. I just had to pause to explain to my almost 5yo that Xavier starts with an X and while that is the name of the guy who invented cabbage path dolls and ALSO the name of the guy who started Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, they are not the same Xavier.

9. Today is the first day of summer vacation. So far it appears one child has croup, one child just busted his knee falling off the ottoman, and the girlchild is intent on contradicting everything I say. "Do you want some cheese?" "NO, I DO NOT WANT CHEESE. [pause] Can I have some cheese?"

10. At this point you are probably glad I haven't been blogging in a while.

OK. You are reprieved now, at least until some future time when I am also trying to ignore the kids and look busy.

I bid you adieu.


Elena Solodow said...

I love destroying books in the bathtub! That's why I'm terrified of getting a Kangle...

tolladay said...

I love the word Kangle. I have one, but I am finding it difficult to use. Reading on it is fine, and I like the portability. The issues I have is I find myself wanting to own my books "properly." And then there is the fact that I can't loan a downloaded book to a neighbor.

My problem is I live in a small house, with a wife, and a child (who also narrates his Spore gaming). I have a very sleight reading problem. You might call it an addiction. Because of this, I have a sleight space problem. Too many books, not enough space. So for me the Kindle was a way to try and condense my collection, just like my iPod (about the size of a pack of cigarettes) is a more condensed version of some 800 CDs. Alas the book reading experience does not compress well, unlike the hearing music experience.

So I find myself an early adopter of a technology that is about 5 years behind what it will be when it starts to be cool. I can wait. And besides, the darn thing was a tax write off. Oh, and I've had it twice in the bathtub, with no issues. To be fair I did not drop it in the water either. I've never dunked a book, so I figured I was reasonably safe with a Kindle in the same space.

E. Kristin Anderson said...

1. You should probably lend this book to me sometime. Not that I don't have enough books to read already.

2. He's so hot I don't even care.

3. He should check out Hank Green's YouTube channel which I believe is called hankgames. He just narrates gameplay while showing the games in play.

4. The obvious solution to this problem is to load my books onto your Kangle and read them since they are only available in .doc form to critique partners like yourself. :)

5. I'm sorry. This sucks.

6. I rage against the WSJ for funsies and eat a lot of Pretzel M&Ms and yell at Boyfriend about how I'm a genius and why don't I have a million dollar book deal yet?!

7. You're totally sane and correct. In fact, I think that a lot of young women wouldn't know about teak. I don't. And I have, like, a bachelor's degree.

8. These Xaviers absolutely must be identified separately. Good call, Mom.

9. I keep telling you: crate 'em.

10. You are awesome at blogging. I lolled. Keep it up!

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