Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Post Is Not A Post

I had every intention of writing a long, thoughtful post today, I really did. But the stomach flu had other plans. So here I sit, silver barf bowl balanced on shaky knees, saying hello, briefly, and would like to provide you, dear Readers, with the following Updates.

1. I read I AM J by Cris Beam and it was wonderful. I shall have more to say about it in the near future, but in any case I am glad that we're seeing more books featuring sexual minorities in major roles, and am looking forward to seeing those books included in curricula and library lists and various awards. Because these voices matter.

2. Have continued my own personal quest to read every Diana Wynne-Jones book ever written. And while her books are like food to my hungry imagination, I've found the process heartbreaking and piteous sad. I do miss that woman - though I never met her. I miss the idea that maybe one day I would. And I miss her.

3. Am teaching currently. Fiction. Fourth grade. And it is marvelous. Seriously, these kids are amazing.

4. We had an issue recently with my Middle School aged daughter, and her consequence was to cut her off from the internet for five days. Five Long Days. Apparently I'm the meanest mother alive. Honestly, from the way she was carrying on, you'd think I was killing her. And then I got to thinking about it. Social media requires a certain level of consistent use before a person's profile - one's electronic personhood - begins to diminish. When we are cut off from online conversations, do we become electronically dead? Did I temporarily kill my daughter, as far as her online use is concerned.

Well, if that's true, then I'm killing all of my computers and cutting the entire family off (ruining your life MY EYE, I said to her) and really, I don't think that we've reached the point at which electronic interconnectedness is equal to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


It would make a cool book. And an interesting story. And I think someone around here should write it. (not me, though. I already have too many projects in the works.)

All right. Feeling crummy. Back to bed. More next week, folks!


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