Monday, April 11, 2011


Wow.  If there was ever a book that understood my passion for vintage fashion, it's this one.  Add a savvy teenager whose voice I can totally relate to (Louise and I would totally have been BFF in high school), a trip back to the Titanic (whoa!) and gorgeous full-color fashion illustrations throughout, and I'm hooked.  Bianca Turetsky's THE TIME-TRAVELING FASHIONISTA is a must read for all you girlie girls this summer.

I mean, it definitely helps that the story is compelling -- girl gets invitation to exclusive vintage sale, girl tries on mysterious dres, girl gets sucked back in time and is thrust into the life of a glamorous film star....and girl has to save herself and her new friends from dying on the freaking Titanic?  I mean, doesn't get much more riveting.    And you know what?  The writing is absolutely wonderful as well.  Just plain magical!

So, in celebration of this fabbity-fab new book for teen and tween fashionistas, Little, Brown has offered to give away a brand new copy to one of our YA-5 readers!  So leave us a comment to enter.  Winners will be determined by the random number generating faeries.  GOOD LUCK!


kellybarnhill said...

Both of my girls (11 and 8) friggin LOVED that book.

Said the eleven year old: "There are some books that you read and like, and some books that you read and really like and read again some day, and then there are books that you read and your head explodes. So you read it three times in a row in one weekend and then read it again the next week. Time Traveling Fashionista is that last kind of book.

The eight year old has insisted that her friends all go and pick up a copy. "Why don't you just loan them one of yours?" I asked. "Are you crazy?" she said. "Then it wouldn't be *here*."

And then the two of them became addicted to trolling through for fab vintage gowns, and I practically need a crowbar to pry them away.

~Enamored Soul~ said...

Okay, so this book incorporates fashion (oOoOh), history (yay), and time-travel (go science!)...all in ONE!?!? And excellent writing, to boot. Hmm...I mean, how can this novel NOT be good?

I, for one, cannot wait to read this book! :)

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Schuyler Esperanza said...

I've been seeing this book everywhere online, which is a sign from the universe that it's meant to be MINE! (Or perhaps that once it's in my dirty, greedy hands, the apocalypse will begin.) Very excited about this title, and this giveaway!



Samantha said...

Oh, I've been hearing about this book for awhile! I totally forgot that I had put it in my TBR list!!! Sign me up for this contest! :)

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